About Us

Westminster Wines is “simply the best” cellar in London for contemporary British wines. Margot and Petrushka Rosencrantz have formed the perfect partnership to provide wines to capture the current political zeitgeist, with each wine able to act as the leitmotif for each of the political megastars to whom the wines are dedicated.

Petrushka Rosencrantz, a Russian émigré, has been drinking wine for over 50 years. He grew up on a farm close to Omsk, in Siberia, where he lived with his parents and nine siblings. Petrushka read law at a university in central Russia but spent much of his time developing a deep knowledge of wine. He moved to England in 1979, where he has lived for the last 40 years. After starting as a wine waiter in a none-star restaurant in Biggleswade, Petrushka moved to London where he soon gained a reputation. He has been nominated on three occasions for the Best Nose category in the annual Oenophilia Suprema competition, winning the coveted Medaille D’Or in 2019 for blind tasting. Petrushka has advised many leading restaurants, rail companies and service stations across the United Kingdom on English wines to match the quality and flavours of the food on offer.

Margot Rosencrantz’s late father, Alphonse Gildenstern, established a reputation as a producer of fine wines, from the Cháteau Cadillac, to the south-west of Bordeaux. Margot, who claims she has wine running through her veins, is a graduate of Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA).  She just missed out on a place in the “grand corpse” and so Margot decided to go into physiotherapy. She studied physiotherapy, together with philosophy and economics (PPE) for her first degree, at Maudlin College. Working part-time as a sports injury nurse with the OUBC (Oxford University Boat Club), she was awarded an honorary half-blue for her work on the first team’s aductor longus and rector femorus muscle groups. She first established a private practice in Bruxelles and Oxford, but now also has a clinic in Strasbourg. She has developed an intimate knowledge of the political system in England. As well as treating many members in her Harley Street Clinic. She also meets the more bucolic members of Parliament when she assists Petrushka at the wine tastings held at their home near Chipping Norton.