Wine Collection

Our Wine Collection

The Côtes de Londres collection may shortly be available in half-bottles, single bottles, half-cases and cases. It may soon be available, by the glass, in a growing number of Westminster establishments.

The past couple of years have been particularly bad  in the United Kingdom. As an interim measure, the only products available are sets of labels (front, collar and back) for each of the varieties. Clients may use these to customise their own bottles of wine, to add colour and conversation to even the most boring dinner party.

Once customised, the bottles must not be sold on with out the express permission of Westminster Wines and following the payment of a droit payé (corkage) premium (POA).

Petrushka chooses each wine to reflect the character and disposition of each contender, paying particular attention to the type of grape, quality and age of the wine. There are also serving suggestions from Margot for the food that goes best with each wine.

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